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Case Study: WEVE

Europe’s first cross-network platform enabling targeted marketing campaigns

WEVE is a joint venture between the UK’s three largest mobile network operators (MNO’s) – EE, Telefonica UK (O2) and Vodafone UK. It was formed to accelerate the development of mobile marketing and wallet services in the UK, and was launched in November 2012.

Brainstorm began discussions with WEVE in May 2012 to understand and develop the requirements for a large-scale mobile marketing platform that was to facilitate the volume and complexity of their objectives.

Brainstorm already had a deep understanding of mobile marketing requirements through its long and established relationship with O2 Media (now part of WEVE).

However, this was something even more powerful and unique as this was going to be Europe’s first cross-network platform enabling the powerful combination of location-based services and push campaigns.

Timescales for implementation were key to this project, as there was only three months to develop, programme, test and go live.

WEVE special engineering requirements

There were some very specific and intricate programming and engineering developments that Brainstorm facilitated, in order to achieve the requirements that WEVE had.

Subscribers: The platform needed to be scalable enough to manage and capture engagement with its 20m strong opted-in subscriber database. Dragon receives up to 25,000 updates every day for opt-ins/opt outs and sends out 10m SMS/month and growing.

Integration: Intense integration work was required. Data exchange between the incumbent CRM provider (SAS), up to 40 different messaging API’s, and into the 4 operators location feeds. Enabling a seamless, real-time transfer of information and actions between all systems driven through Dragon.

Data Anonymisation: It was necessary to have the ability to hold anonymised data and de-anoymise once it leaves our hosted environment so third parties are unable to identify individuals at source.

Forecasting & booking: Ability to ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ book campaigns and define and store data counts within each mobile operators database, without displaying them. Data counts needed to take into account rules regarding date and duration of the campaign, contact and engagement rules, messages already sent, campaigns the individual is already booked in for.

Apportionment: The ability to automatically apportion the available audience across the mobile operators for every campaign.

Fulfilment: Ability to customise messages with dynamic content, manage the volume of messages, and the frequency of messages.

Location: Upload UK postcodes, and geocode in real time, including cleansing and checking for duplicates. Setting performance rules ie capping of number of messages/day, or only messaging individuals no greater than 5 minutes after walking into a geofence.

Reporting: Campaign summary report (overall volumes of sent, delivered, clicked), and ability to export all transactional data to a 3rd party system.

Spotlight Features

Brainstorm developed a List Cutting Tool and a Trigger Management feature to keep the functionality user friendly and simple.

Advanced list cutting tool: The ability to be able to quickly query huge databases of users to;

  • Quickly analyse the results of massive campaigns and select and save the user data that matters most
  • Query and select users based on a certain criteria to be used for specific push campaigns
  • Get an instant, in-depth analysis of data

We built a user friendly interface that enables a user to quickly click and select specific data categories or ranges (ages, dates), and view results in a simple table format which user lists can be extracted from.

Business rules: Our patent-pending Spider technology is used to build simple or complex interaction trees, based on a set of business rules, enabling us to determine if a customer should get a message or not, and what type of message they should receive.

The rules determine which users should be selected for campaigns using various standard attributes like age, gender and there are an infinite number of customer fields that can be assigned and attributed to users such as whether they are an android or iPhone user, to enable more precise targeting.

Dragon can pre-set volumes of recipients for campaigns, and use business rules to ensure no one is sent too many messages, capped at one message per campaign, per day. It only sends to opted in users (Opt-ins and outs are automatically managed through Dragon), and if a user has already received a blast campaign they are unable to receive a location based campaign in the same day.

Our feature-rich platform is designed to be flexible, intelligent and user-friendly.

Trigger Management: Spider services can be made live manually, but also by defining and executing automated trigger actions. We pre-defined a number of ways to automatically trigger services:

  • Timed: enables regular activation of services for example, daily at 10am
  • Remote: enables activation of the service by an external API
  • Redirect: enables the service if the user clicks an external web link
  • Geofence: activates the services when a user enters or leaves the boundaries of specific area
  • International roaming: activates the service when a user leaves one country and enters another

WEVE services

Brainstorm developed the WEVE platform in three phases. The integration of O2 happened on November 15th 2012, shortly followed by Everything Everywhere on December 8th, and Vodafone in January 2013.

Nike and Morrisons were the first brands to run mobile marketing campaigns simultaneously across the platform in February 2013. They were able to contact 20m mobile users using location-based text and video messages.

The sophistication of the platform has been developed to such an extent that we are even able to trigger campaigns:

  • When a user enters a geolocation zone that is less than or greater than a trigger temperature; perfect for promoting seasonal goods
  • If a pollen count is above or below a trigger value during the hay fever season.

During the first six months of the WEVE project, Dragon has initiated over 1000 blast campaigns and almost 550 location services, resulting in over 75 million messages being sent to consumers.

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